Call for workshop papers

The following workshop proposals are going to be submitted for the forthcoming SLE 2021 Annual Meeting in Athens. If you wish to submit your abstract for one of these workshops, please send it to the workshop convenors before the deadline indicated in the call for papers; the deadlines, by the beginning of November, may vary from workshop to workshop.


Building modality with syntax. Focus on ancient Greek

Convenors: Camille Denizot and Liana Tronci


Iconicity in prosaic lexicon

Convenor: Ian Joo


Investigating language isolates: Typological and diachronic perspectives

Convenors: Iker Salaberri, Dorota Krajewska, Urtzi Reguero, and Eneko Zuloaga


Complex predicates across languages: Variation and acquisition

Convenors: Olga Borik, Silvia Sánchez, and Ismael Teomiro


Mountain Linguistics

Convenors: Matthias Urban


Cognitive mechanisms driving contact-induced language change

Convenors: Carola Trips, Achim Stein, Yela Schauwecker, and Michael Percillier


Integrating sociolinguistics and typological perspectives on language variation: Methods and concepts

Convenors: Silvia Ballarè, Francesca Di Garbo, Guglielmo Inglese, and Eri Kashima


Italian heritage language communities: Multiple perspectives

Convenors: Margherita Di Salvo and Eugenio Goria


Towards a holistic understanding of language contact in the past

Convenors: Nikolaos Lavidas, Ioanna Sitaridou, and Igor Yanovich


Constructional analysis in multimodal perspective

Convenors: Kiki Nikiforidou, Mirjam Fried, and Alex Bergs


Word order and prosody

Convenors: Maia Duguine and Aritz Irurtzun


Causation: From concept(s) to grammar

Convenors: Marta Donazzan, Clémentine Raffy, and Klaus von Heusinger